Transitional Kindergarten

St. John Vianney offers a unique opportunity for those children turning 4 years old before September 1st.

TK offers an enriched social and academic learning environment in which your child will learn what they need to know for kindergarten.


TK class takes place Monday through Friday 7:55 am to 3:00 pm.

If you have any questions please contact
Alethea Stiveson - TK teacher 363-4610 x 116
Deanna Hooper - Kindergarten teacher 363-4610 x 115
Ada Bauman - Principal 363-4610 x 100

Our curriculum includes the following

Letter recognition and phonemic awareness through a fun and engaging program.

They are taught basic writing skills through a program called Handwriting Without Tears.

Math Connects Program:
Students are introduced to the calendar, learn to count, recognize, and write numbers. They also learn shapes, patterns, and are introduced to spatial awareness.

Using Pflaum Weekly Gospels students begin their religious education through a magazine, and activity workbook. They also learn prayers, Hail Mary, Our Father, prayer before meals, Angel of God.

Fine motor skills:
Students are taught and given the time necessary to master skills needed to succeed in kindergarten . These skills include.: how to hold a pencil, how to hold scissors and cut paper, how to fold paper in half, how to glue, paint, and manipulate clay, blocks, and puzzle pieces.

Social Studies:
Students are taught thematic units throughout the year discovering the seasons, back to school, the senses, wants and needs, nutrition, various animals, safety and many other skills as well as using a program from one Scholastic company.

Foreign Language:
Students are taught beginning Spanish, which includes numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, and the months of the year.

They will also learn conversational phrases, songs, and the history and culture of France.

Gross motor skills:
SJV TK students are fortunate enough to have access to and meet with the SJV PE teacher twice a week. They focus on developing gross motor skills through skipping, galloping on one foot, moving across the monkey bars, and much more to prove balance and dexterity.

Social skills:
TK students practice self control, focus, listening skills, personal space, taking turns, helping others, sitting still in a learning space, and basic manners. These skills are taught through music, games, science, play time and snack time.