St. John Vianney School is proud to provide enrichment classes to Grades K-8. They are intended to enhance and enrich the classroom curriculum while fully engaging students through their different learning modalities.

Spanish and Italian

Foreign language instruction is offered to all students at St. John Vianney School. Italian is taught in grades K-5. Students are taught language skills and Italian cultural heritage. The Italian classes have been made possible with a grant awarded through the Italian Cultural Society. Students acquire language skills through listening, speaking, and writing practice. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary and conversational skills.


Another wonderful program at St. John Vianney School is the music program. Our talented music teacher brings the gift of music to our students. Each class in Grades TK-5 has weekly instruction in music, during which they learn to read music, the basics of rhythm, and the joy of music. Students learn the music to sing during Liturgy as well as for upcoming seasonal celebrations.


Students in grade 2-8 are given the opportunity to participate in the school choir. This program enables the students to participate in school and parish liturgies.

Field Trips

Field trips are designed to supplement and enrich the classroom curriculum. Each year, classes at St. John Vianney School attend a number of educational field trips related to their studies in Social Studies, the Arts, and Science. Along with teachers and instructional aides, parent volunteers provide supervision on field trips.

Generally, field trips occur during the school day and last from a few hours to most of the school day. Classes usually travel with parent drivers or in chartered buses to their destinations. Each class has a budget to offset the cost of field trip expenses.